Donors negotiate major expansion of World Bank’s role in global aid

A huge reform of World Bank operations in poor countries is underway. Donors are positive about a plan to expand the bank’s financial resources by almost USD 25 billion. The Bank’s plan can be seen as a way to reclaim the Bretton Woods institution’s position as the leading actor on the global development scene in the wake of the Sustainable Development Goals and the emergence of new development banks backed by China.  

Financial independence from donors allowed MSF to reject EU state funds

Many NGOs criticised the EU-Turkey refugee deal. But financial independence made it possible for MSF to turn its back on half a billion crowns in state funding.
Former Sida boss becomes first female DAC Chair

Former Sida boss becomes first female DAC Chair

Charlotte Petri Gornitzka leaves the Swedish aid agency and takes up her new position as head of the Paris-based donor organisation.

Finland’s EUR 400-million aid question

As Kai Mykkänen takes over Finland’s aid portfolio he must figure out how to channel new development loans amounting to more than EUR 400 million over the next couple of years. 

Combating migration key focus of new Danish aid budget

The Danish government puts efforts to prevent migration at the centre of its aid budget for next year. In addition, private sector schemes are scaled up. 

First Norwegian payment to prestigious climate forest project in Congo delayed

Norway’s NOK 1.5 billion forest project in DRC, launched in April, is already experiencing payment delays. NGOs call for stricter conditionality.

OECD peer review: Danish reputation at risk

Huge reductions in the Danish development aid budget and growing aid spending on refugees in Denmark are putting the country’s reputation as a generous and predictable donor at risk. 

UNOPS-World Bank agreement aims to slash delivery time to two weeks

Delays of several months in the delivery of emergency supplies and technical assistance to fragile states are to be dramatically reduced.

Danish twinning has private sector focus

Denmark is engaging its state authorities in aid. The new strategic programme puts emphasis on sectors where Danish business is strong.

Clinton Foundation caught in US election storm, Norwegian cash dries up

A NOK 30 million grant for a renewable energy project in the Caribbean will be the test case for how quickly Norwegian aid to the Clinton Foundation stops flowing. 

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