Monday, June 25, 2018

Business / DT 1 / 2017

New OECD rules for private sector aid blocked by dispute over export subsidies

For over a year donors have been entangled in deadlock discussions over how to report private sector aid as Official Development Assistance (ODA) without distorting competition and international trade. 

EcoEnergy threatens court action over sugar project after ‘unlawful’ expropriation

The Swedish company Bagamoyo EcoEnergy (BEE) is threatening the Tanzanian government with court action if it does not receive compensation following the revocation of title to land where the firm intended to establish sugar production. Executive Chairman of BEE Per Carstedt, formerly CEO of the Swedish biofuel company SEKAB, launched the Bagamoyo project a decade ago. He tells Development Today that the owners have spent more than USD 53 million on the project over the past ten years.

Swedfund’s three-dimensional bottom line

Swedfund has consulted NGOs to improve its business model, and goes far beyond the traditional bottom line when investing in poor countries. An interview with Anna Ryott, Managing Director of Swedfund.

NOK 600m climate grant in legal grey zone

Norway’s Climate Ministry has ignored Norwegian budget regulations requiring that USD 80 million (NOK 600m) for the Amaila Falls hydropower project be refunded to state coffers since the money has remained unspent for two years.