Development Today

Private sector support in Zambia

Zambia, one of Finland’s long-term development partners, has experienced economic growth over the past decade. But this has not translated into increased job creation. Zambia has a vision to become a prosperous middle-income country by 2030. But there is much uncertainty, due to upcoming elections, low copper prices and a resulting economic downturn, as well as low rainfall which has reduced hydropower production and agricultural productivity.

Finland is revising its country strategy for Zambia, which focuses on private sector development and increasing food security. In this tender, the consultant will design Finland’s new private sector development support programme for Zambia for 2017-2022, and produce a draft programme document.

It will focus especially on transferring knowledge of Finland’s vibrant “start-up” business culture.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is August 10, 2016.