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Defends contracts awarded to Climate Advisers

On April 26, 2016, Development Today published an article regarding the use of consultancy services under the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative. Claims made in the article regarding the Ministry's use of consultancy services require some clarifications.

A fundamental rule of awarding Norwegian public funding is open competition. For grants, there will be a call for proposals, open to anyone that fit the criteria of the grant scheme. For the purchase of services, for instance from consultants, there will be an open, competitive tender.

The Ministry has one contract with the Washington based Climate Advisers (CA). The contract was won by CA in 2015 after an open, competitive tender in accordance with EU standards. The Ministry does not hold any contracts with Calliope or Waxman Strategies mentioned in DT's article.

The other actors referred to in the article are linked to Norad's funding scheme for civil society under the Climate and Forest Initiative. The ministry is fully aware of the fact that CA is also involved in activities funded under the Norad grant portfolio. The Ministry and Norad maintains a close dialogue to secure full oversight over the use of Norwegian resources.

The objective of the Climate and Forest Initiative is a challenging one. Reducing and ultimately halting the emissions caused by deforestation in developing countries is essential to reduce global warming. Efficient management of the funds channeled through NICFI is an important success criterion for the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Government and the Norwegian Parliament. Optimal use of NICFIs funds is therefore a continuous discussion, based on the ambition of reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

Tom Rådahl, 
Secretary General,
Ministry of Climate and Environment,