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News / DT 14-15 / 2014

Afghan leaders, donors put on brave faces, bracing for challenges

Western countries are shifting their focus from military to civilian efforts in Afghanistan. The stakes are high as donors and the country’s new leaders head for the London high level summit next month.

Budget deal reduces impacts of record spending on asylum seekers in Denmark

The Danish government has struck a political deal that keeps spending on refugees in Denmark at a record high, but increases the total budget, softening the blow.

Giant Swedish pledge to Green Climate Fund

The result of the first pledging conference for the Green Climate Fund was just shy of USD 10 billion, with Nordic countries providing 9 per cent of the total.

Nobel Peace Prize puts development players in the global spot light

The Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize committee has broadened the definition of peace efforts over the last three decades, turning activists working in development and human rights into global celebrities. 

OECD fears Finnish aid is spread too thinly

Finland has stepped up efforts in conflict areas. As a result Finland’s top recipients have received a smaller share of aid in the last few years.

Focus on 1.8 billion youth

The UN population fund highlights the sharp rise in the numbers of 10-24 year olds in poor countries, and calls for more investments in the young.