Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Kenya real-time evaluation

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is tendering a consultancy assignment for a so-called Real-Time Evaluation of the upcoming country programme in Kenya.  

Denmark has strengthened its long-term commitment to Kenya. The budget proposal for 2015 refers to DKK 1.21 billion in new commitments for programmes that will run over the next few years.  

The evaluation will aim to help capture results at outcome and impact level and provide feed-back as programmes proceed. Evaluators will follow the programme throughout its lifespan. The purposes of the evaluation are to assess progress and provide evidence-based feed-back, and to identify, document and assess credible contribution to results at outcome.

The evaluation will cover the whole country programme in its entirety at an overall level. It will have three focus areas:

i) Implementation of the constitution

ii) Inclusive green growth and employment

iii) Promoting regional cooperation and stability.

The evaluation will rely heavily on information from monitoring and administrative systems (both Kenyan and Danish) as well as other secondary data. It is not envisaged that the evaluation will carry out specific impact assessment for all areas. However, it should establish an overview sufficient for identifying and assessing progress, suggest focus areas for additional result analysis as well as provide the basis for a subsequent high-quality ex post-evaluation.

The evaluation period will follow the programme period from 2015 to 2020. A core team of 3 consultants is envisaged, supplemented by special experts

The deadline for the submission of tenders is October 1, 2014.