Monday, December 16, 2019

Private forestry project in Tanzania

A new phase in finnish support to the Tanzanian forestry sector is underway. The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs announces a tender for the technical assistance contract for the period 2013-2017.  

The programme is called Support to private plantation forestry and value chains in Tanzania (Panda miti kwa biashara). It aims to increase rural income in the Southern Highlands area, through the development of sustainable plantation forestry. It will take advantage of high potential and current momentum to accelerate expansion of forest plantations in this part of the country.

The objective is employment creation in the entire production value chain from quality seeds to quality products in markets. The programme will accelerate tree growing, improve its quality and strengthen the quality of wood processing, according to the final programme document.

The programme has a long-term vision and could ultimately be extended by 12 more years, following this first phase. During the first four years, it aims to enable the environment for private forestry by improving knowledge, preparing village land use plans and establish 60-80 new tree growers associations (TGAs).

In the longer term, the programme has the following vision:

•  Private forestry provides sustainable income for a wide population.

•  Tanzania becomes a significant producer of wood fibre for both domestic and export markets.

•  The Southern Highlands are seen by tree plantation and forest industry investors as an attractive potential investment target.

•  Small TGAs have a significant role in the plantation expansion and timber production.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is August 16, 2013.