Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Decentralised forest programme in Zambia

Finland plans to launch a new forestry programme in Zambia that takes into account the Finnish rights-based development policy. The programme is to stretch over eight years with a budget of around EUR 12-13 million.

At this stage, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki is looking for a consulting to draw up the draft final project document. This should include the background and vision of the project, its main objectives and approach, which demonstrates clearly the ownership of the stakeholders in the implementation of and recognises the crosscutting issues in both Finland’s 2012 aid policy and Zambia’s 6th national development plan.

   The ministry notes that in the interests of objectivity, no team member from the project identification mission is eligible to participate in this tender, but the consulting company may participate. 

   A main concern for Finland is that while the Zambian economy is growing (due largely to high copper prices), income distribution remains highly skewed. The ministry writes that improving conditions for rural populations can only happen through decentralised governance and improved access to natural resources.  The deadline for submission of applications is October 1, 2012.