Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Overhaul of Sida research funding

In the context of the restructuring of Sida, the Swedish aid agency is looking to overhaul its research support programme. 

During the past decade there have been dramatic changes in the field of higher education and research, with new organisations and initiatives, as well as new funders of research from the public and private sectors locally and from countries such as Brazil, China and India. At the same time, many low-income countries are still not providing adequate resources to their scientific communities.

Sida is commissioning a global context analysis of the major current problems that affect developing countries. It will identify knowledge gaps and challenges and the position of the research fronts, as well as relevant research organisations in and donors to the various fields.

Sida will support research all the following fields: social sciences and humanities, natural science and technology and health science.

The study will help Sida set criteria for which research areas to support in each of these fields, which funders and initiatives with which to cooperate on issues related to ownership and co-financing, and which key actors to involve in research cooperation.

Some of the questions to be examined include what areas are under-researched at global, regional and national levels (including in Sweden)? What questions and challenges are science focusing on today?

Sida’s Unit for Research Cooperation currently supports research capacity building in developing countries, research of relevance to developing countries, as well as relevant Swedish research.

The assignment will be carried out early next year with a final report due April 30, 2013. Deadline for the submission of tenders is November 16, 2012.