Sunday, January 26, 2020

Business / DT 17 / 2011

Bypassing Africa. Donors pour climate aid into emission reductions

New data on climate aid financing shows that donors are failing miserably to live up to past promises. Funds are not “new and additional” and the overwhelming emphasis on mitigation - reducing emissions - instead of helping countries adapt to climate change serves donor interests over those of Africa. Norway is, in this regard, one of the worst offenders. Dutch, Swedish and Finnish climate aid favours adaptation over mitigation.

Donors scrap political governance of NORSAD investment fund

NORSAD will be turned over to a limited company owned by Nordic and African investment funds and new capital will be injected to revitalise the stranded project.

NDF, World Bank fund low-carbon energy study in Africa

The Nordic Development Fund will commission a EUR 1.1 million energy study on technologies and financing for low-carbon development in Sub-Saharan Africa.