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Third call for proposals from Nordic climate fund

A third round of applications for grants from the Nordic Climate Facility opens at the end of October.

The goal of the facility, jointly manged by the Nordic Development Fund and the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation, is to promote and increase the visibility of innovative Nordic solutions to climate-related problems in low-income countries. Institutions, agencies, organisations and companies in the five Nordic countries are eligible to compete for Nordic Climate Facility grants, which range in size from EUR 150,000 to EUR 500,000.

There was a tremendous response to the first two rounds. The number of proposals increased from the first call (138) to the second call (176) with Swedish entities submitting the most, 49 in the second round.

Under the first call, the two themes were water resources and energy efficiency. Under the second, the themes were urban adaptation to climate change and renewable energy. The third call will have only one theme: innovative low-cost climate solutions with a focus on local business development.

The theme for the third call has been broadened in terms of sector scope. This implies that the call has extended the invitation to applicants with project ideas from sectors that could not have a call of their own, for example those addressing disrupted ecosystems, cultural losses and threats to health and food security.

“This provides an opportunity for NDF to get increased insight into climate solutions offered beyond those sectors already targeted during the preceding calls,” says Martina Jägerhorn, Country Programme Manager at NDF.

The third call for proposals has been granted EUR 6 million, bringing the total financing of NCF up to EUR 18 million.