Monday, January 27, 2020

Evaluation of Finnish ICT support to Nicaragua

Finland will evaluate its IT support programme for municipal authorities in Nicaragua.

Finnish aid in Nicaragua has been focused in three sectors: rural development, health and good governance. As a result of a process of harmonisation among donors, Finland has concentrated its aid interventions in the regions of Boaco and Chontales and in the Southern Atlantic Autonomous Region.

The need for a Municipal Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Programme was identified in the context of PROGESTION – a programme that fostered the strengthening of the decentralisation process and municipal development – that operated in the same region during 2004-9, aiming to improve and enhance local democratic processes and good governance through the use of ICT adapted to the Nicaraguan municipal context. The partners and principal beneficiaries were the municipalities , in total 20, the departmental municipal associations and national institutions related to decentral-isation and municipal strengthening.

The Municipal ICT Programme was implemented from 2006 to 2010. The total budget was EUR 5 million.

The objective of this assignment is to carry out the final evaluation of the programme. Main issues to be addressed are the relevance and development impact of the programme and the sustainability of its results. It is also expected that the evaluation provides concrete recommendations regarding possible follow-up actions or future interventions.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is September 30, 2011