Sunday, January 19, 2020

Business / DT 11 / 2011

Missionpharma enters plea settlement. DKK 200m in lost UN contracts

In an out-of-court settlement, the pharmaceutical supplier Missionpharma has admitted to paying kickbacks in connection with a UNDP contract in 2007, according to the Danish State Prosecutor. The company will pay DKK 22 million in fines and compensation for illegal profits. But losses resulting from being blacklisted from the UN market are much larger. Missionpharma insists it was not corruption.

Norway considers funding new dam flooding rainforest, this time in Ethiopia

The African Development Bank has asked Norway to provide USD 35 million in co-financing for the Geba hydropower project in Ethiopia. The Norwegian Embassy in Addis Ababa is positive.

Questions legality of SEKAB biofuel study

Sida has lingering concerns about the environmental impacts of EcoEnergy’s planned biofuel project in Tanzania. Co-financing with the African Development Bank is in the works.

Blue Nile dams: ‘lower Renaissance Dam to save Mandaya’

The Norwegian consultancy firm Norplan recommends that the Ethiopian government lower the height of the massive Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile River to increase the total electricity output in the river. Work on the Norwegian-financed Mandaya project remains in limbo.