Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Business / DT 1 / 2011

Danida contracts 2010: NIRAS dominates, no contracts for Carl Bro

The Danish firms NIRAS and COWI dominated the Danida consultancy market last year, DT’s annual review shows. After a very slow previous year, a total of 19 contracts were signed in 2010 worth DKK 200 million.

SEK 2 billion in Swedish guarantees and soft loans

The Swedish aid agency Sida committed guarantees and loans amounting to more than SEK 2 billion last year. The lion’s share went to Eastern European countries. The agency has so far taken no losses on its guarantees.

Scania avoids US police probe over kickbacks in Iraq

The Swedish truck producer Scania has avoided a US criminal investigation for paying kickbacks to the former Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq in connection with the UN-sponsored Oil for Food Programme because the alleged crime took place too long ago, DT has learned.

Solheim to consider Sida guarantee scheme

Norway will look into the Swedish untied guarantee and soft loan scheme to see if it can be relevant for Norway’s energy efforts in developing countries.