Friday, January 24, 2020

Market Update / DT 19 / 2010

Green Resources receives EU grant for charcoal factory

The Norwegian forest and carbon company Green Resources has received a EUR 2.4 million renewable energy grant from the European Development Fund’s ACP-EU Energy Facility for a project on “Sustainable Wood and Charcoal Production in Rural Mozambique and Tanzania”.

Training of Danish CIMIC instructors for Afghanistan

The Danish Foreign Ministry is calling for expressions of interest for services related to a training programme of the Danish CIMIC (civilian-military coopeartion) instructors prior to taking up duty in Afghanistan.

CMI to map tax systems in three African countries

The Chr Michelsens Institute in Bergen has been awarded a contract with Norad to examine tax and tax administration systems in Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Andean forestry and energy projects coming up

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs is preparing two programmes for Andean region countries, one in the forestry sector, the other as part of the Energy and Environment Partnership Programme.

SIPU to assess Norwegian aid research independence

The Swedish development consultancy SIPU International has been awarded a contract with the Evaluation Department of Norad to carry out an assessment of Norwegian aid research.