Tuesday, November 12, 2019

News / DT 14-15 / 2010

Sweden sends strong warning to Global Fund

Sweden has withheld its pledge to the Global Fund due to revelations of misused grants in four countries amounting to USD 25 million. MSF Sweden criticises the move, arguing that if the idea was to make a political statement about corruption in aid, Global Fund was the wrong target.

Deepening rift between Norwegian and Swedish aid

Finland and Sweden are boosting their aid in spite of difficult economic times. Denmark imposes a four-year freeze. Norway is the only major Nordic donor to cut aid next year.

Sweden boosts aid, regains leading Nordic donor role

Sweden increases aid by more than 10 per cent next year and is again the largest Nordic donor. Private sector aid, civil society support and aid to Africa grow. Several UN agencies can also look forward to more funding next year.

Norway cuts in 2011, scales up aid funding of hydropower firms

Norway cuts aid in 2011 in a move to curb public spending. More aid to hydropower investments for Norwegian companies. Bilateral aid programmes in Africa continue to be scaled back.

Finland restructures diplomatic missions

Nepal is the only Finnish priority aid country that has had no resident Finnish Ambassador. As part of the current restructuring of the diplomatic missions, a permanent Ambassador will be appointed to Kathmandu next year.