Tuesday, October 22, 2019

News / DT 2 / 2009

Denmark increases aid info funds for ‘new actors’

The Danish Development Minister Ulla Tørnæs will increase spending on aid-related information activities this year by DKK 9 million in an effort to increase public knowledge about aid. In 2006, Sweden spent three times as much as Denmark on aid information.

In Sweden, NGOs fear further budget squeeze

Until now, Swedish framework NGOs - the 16 organisations that receive multi-year grants from Sida - have had automatic access to the bulk of the aid agency’s information budget.

Sweden, Finland seek US-European détente on development

Taking advantage of the change of leadership in Washington, Sweden and Finland are pushing hard for increased cooperation between Europe and the United States on development issues. Their proposals point to a new American aid policy that leans toward European thinking.

No benchmarks for Africa in Norwegian White Paper

The Norwegian White Paper on development policy lacks clear goals for aid to the poorest countries and Africa. Instead, it focuses on climate aid and fragile states. It also consolidates the view of aid as a political tool that can finance Norwegian global initiatives.

Väyrynen wants closer Nordic cooperation

Finnish Minister for Trade and Development Paavo Väyrynen wants closer Nordic aid cooperation. He says the Nordics take the lead in many international processes, but they do not have proper discussions amongst themselves. As for the 2005 decision  - pushed by Denmark - to close down NDF, Väyrynen says: "It is the only Nordic tool we have."