Friday, January 24, 2020

Business / DT 4-5 / 2008

StatoilHydro aims for Iraq oil market. Exits oil aid scheme

StatoilHydro has applied for pre-qualification for future projects in Iraq and is exiting the Norwegian aid-financed Oil for Development programme in Iraq to avoid ending up in a "double role".

Report: Statoil and Hydro's conflict of interest in Iraq

An evaluation of Norway’s Oil for Development Programme in Iraq concludes that Statoil and Norsk Hydro's involvement raised questions about possible conflict of interest.

No Danish tying of aid funds to state agencies

While Sweden and Norway spend large sums from the aid budget on their national state agencies, and Finland wants to mimick the practice, Denmark's policy stands in sharp contrast.

Finland aware of possible violation of procurement law

Inspired by Sweden and Norway, Finland is looking to increase the engagement of Finnish state agencies and institutions in development cooperation. Finnish officials involved are aware that the arrangement may be in conflict with EU rules.

Overambitious goals for the Iraqi oil programme

There is a tendency to use broad, ambitious goals to justify aid programmes. The Bridge Group writes in its evaluation of Norwegian aid to the Iraqi petroleum sector that none of the original goals was met. The consultant suggests using more narrow and specific goals in future.

Sida ponders procurement legalities

Sida is assessing the conclusions of last month’s report by the consultancy AffärsConcept AB, which concluded that Sida’s practice of giving aid assignments to Swedish state agencies without competitive tender violates Swedish Public Procurement Law. The agency is preparing a management response to the report.