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Business / DT 19 / 2008

Aid-funded studies lead to Danish carbon credit purchase

Danish aid has resulted in the purchase by Denmark of CDM quotas from a palm oil project equivalent to 245,000 tonnes of CO2. Norway, about to enter the CDM market, has a different approach to using ODA.

WB officials visit Oslo to make peace with Norwegian firms

In an unusual move, the World Bank rushed to Oslo last month to ensure Norwegian energy companies that it wants to cooperate with them in the future.

SEK 500 million for electrification in Tanzania

Sweden electricity distribution in Tanzania, granting SEK 500 million for a new programme to provide access to electricity in six districts in the Iringa and Ruvuma regions. Three contracts will be put out on tender.

Bujagali: damning criticsm of World Bank’s cost estimates

An independent commission provides harsh criticism of the economic analysis underlying the controversial decision to develop the 250-megwatt Bujagali hydropower project in Uganda.

US gov watchdog points to weaknesses in CDM

A new study carried out by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) raises doubts about the CDM mechanism where rich countries invest in “green" projects in the developing world as a way of reaching their own emission reduction targets.