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News / DT 3 / 2007

Norway aims for alliance with US in fight against tax havens

Norway’s Development Minister Erik Solheim says Tax Justice Network raises an important debate about Western countries’ role in international corruption.

‘We were too well-funded’. Friis Bach reflects on Danish aid history

In a chapter for an upcoming volume on Danish post-WW II aid policy, DanChurchAid’s International Director Christian Friis Bach reflects on the recent history.

Harsh critique for out-going Finnish government

On the eve of a general election, Finland’s Development Policy Committee has published a detailed statement on the development policy performance of the outgoing Finnish government. It aims to increase the level of Finnish aid, as well as to influence how the new government will shape its development policies.

Eva Joly: Transparency's corruption index should highlight tax havens

Transparency International should revise its Corruption Perceptions Index to take into account tax havens, “one of the biggest problems the world faces today", says former French magistrate Eva Joly in an interview with Development Today.

Transparency replies: ‘index has its purpose and its limits’

“We stand by the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). It has its purpose and its limits," says Robin Hodess, Director of Policy and Research at Transparency International (TI) to Development Today in response to criticism of the index from Tax Justice Network.

Canadian report: Sida project contradicts Swedish dams guidelines

The Canadian NGO Probe International claims in a report to the Swedish Foreign Ministry that a Sida-financed environmental study in Cambodia carried out by SWECO Grøner consultancy does not pass the test of Sweden’s own guidelines for building dams.