Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Business / DT 21-22 / 2006

Report: New toolbox for Swedish exporters in aid

A new report proposes to close down the Swedish mixed credits and soft loans facilities and establish a new “formally untied" and more flexible scheme. It states that Sida should subsidise guarantee premiums. Another suggestion is market guarantees and innovative loans for new techniques and products relevant for poverty eradication and climate change. Sida should outsource many tasks to Swedfund and the export credit agency, EKN.

Swedish credits and guarantees: a brief history

Credits have lost ground as an aid tool internationally because of the debt burden of developing countries. Providing new loans to developing countries and later writing them off could undermine international financing systems.

Finnish Ministry consultancy contracts in 2006

In the tug of war between untying aid procurement and favouring national consultancy firms, the Finnish Foreign Ministry has taken another step in the direction of more transparency.