Thursday, September 19, 2019

Business / DT 15-16 / 2006

Lion’s share of Sida’s ‘green billion’ given away without tendering

The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) comes out on top in Sida’s allocation of its share of the former government’s “green billion” - SEK 1 billion in environmental aid during 2006-8. But Sida has so far not found a way to include the private sector in an initiative whose main purpose was to profile Swedish environ-mental expertise internationally. Only a fraction of the money handled by Sida is for projects that will be put out for tender.

Sida’s dilemma: green business aid funds unspent

When the former government instructed Sida to spend SEK 105 million during 2006-8 - SEK 35m per year - in cooperation with the newly-formed network of environmental technology firms Swentec, it presented Sida with an impossible dilemma.