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Business / DT 9 / 2005

Government to review pricing rules for state agencies working in aid

The Swedish government will review whether current pricing rules for Swedish state agencies working abroad make them too expensive to compete in the international aid market.

Sida confirms private consultants’ ‘important role’

In response to concerns raised by private consultancies about state agencies’ expanding aid-financed activity, Sida’s Lennart Nordström insists that firms will continue to play an “extremely important role".

New ceiling bars IFU investments in Thailand, S Africa, Brazil

In a surprise move, the Danish government has limited the number of countries of operation of the Industrialization Fund for Developing Countries (IFU).

Agricultural Advisor in Iraq

AGRICULTURAL ADVISOR IN IRAQ: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen confirms to Development Today that it is about to sign a contract for the provision of an Agricultural Advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture in Iraq, based at The Danish Office in Basra.

Report warns Swedish firms of chaotic planning in Sri Lanka

In a report commissioned by the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Swedish Trade Council on post-tsunami reconstruction business opportunities for the Swedish private sector, Indonesian authorities are praised for being in control of the unprecedented task of rebuilding affected areas.

Swedish delegation to survey post-tsunami opportunity

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Trade Council are sending a delegation to Indonesia and Sri Lanka to identify business opportunities in post-tsunami reconstruction for the Swedish private sector. Headed by Swedish Ambassador Jan Palmstierna, Chief Coordinator for Trade and Investment Promotion at the Ministry, the delegation is made up of representatives of Swedish firms, as well as Lena Rooth of the Swedish Trade Council and other Ministry officials.