Sunday, January 26, 2020

News / DT 17 / 2004

Nordic aid bureaucracies slow to accept Plan International

The Finnish branch of Plan International appears to be in the final stages of negotiations with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a framework agreement. The Swedish and Norwegian Plan offices are also seeking framework funding, but have so far had limited success with their respective ministries.

Global AIDS Fund fails to raise private capital

The Global Fund was launched as a public-private partnership, but has failed to raise broad support from private sources. The Fund is mainly a joint venture between public donors and the Gates Foundation. Grants from other private sources amounts to only USD 2.8 million.

Global Fund aims to build brand awareness

The Global Fund aims to strengthen its brand. It has turned out to be difficult to raise cash from private firms and foundations and the Global Fund has as a policy not to accept in-kind donations.

US Treasury blacklists Danish NGO as part of terrorist network

A US Treasury press release links a Danish NGO, the Independent Scandinavian Relief Agency (ISRA), to a global terrorist network. This became known in Denmark following a report by Danish TV 2 on October 20.

Report: Helsinki Ministry ‘extremely centralised’

A major independent report on the administrative and resource development needs of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs examines alternative strategies for the future organisation of Finland’s development policies and operations.

Sweden channels increasing aid through national police

Swedish aid funds supporting assistance by Swedish police officers in conflict-ridden areas has grown in recent years, and this year exceeds SEK 140 million. Some 110 Swedish police are currently working on international peacekeeping missions and police reform projects around the world.