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Business / DT 21-22 / 2003

SNPI turned down World Bank offer to finance Bujagali

The Norwegian hydropower company SN Power Invest (SNPI) has decided to turn down an offer from the World Bank to participate in the controversial Bujagali hydropower project. SNPI, which is a 50 per cent aid-financed entity, has concluded that Bujagali is “too complex" to become its first project in Africa. SNPI still aims to make investments in energy projects in Uganda and keeps the door open for other prospects, including the Karuma Falls hydropower project.

Minister allows for recipients to buy Norwegian without competition

The Norwegian Development Minister Hilde Frafjord Johnson has made a low profile retreat on the issue of tied technical cooperation.

Norfund to administer new tender guarantee scheme

It took the Board of the Norwegian risk capital fund NORFUND only a week to answer positively to a request from Development Minister Hilde Frafjord Johnson about administering a new tender guarantee scheme for Norwegian exporters.